Drama and Fashion Design Working Together

The Drama and Fashion Design major students visited Goodwill. These two majors are working together to create costumes for the upcoming Drama production. The Drama major students are in charge of the acting, while the Fashion Design students are designing the costumes. Each pair (One Drama student and one Fashion Design student) had a budget of $7 to spend on items they will use for their costumes. They created a design of what their costumes should look like before the field trip. Each student enjoyed shopping and watching each other as they were trying on unusual dresses, skirts, and other … Continue reading Drama and Fashion Design Working Together


To most, the first day of DECATS seems uneventful- with classes just getting into gear, and scholars becoming acquainted with each other. I grabbed the opportunity to interview Lauren from her morning major, Psychology. She attends All Saints Catholic School. She is thrilled that Senior DECATS is being hosted by her school this year. “It makes everything convenient,” Lauren says, “I know where everything is and I don’t get lost.” When asked why she chose to take Psychology, Lauren answered, “Well, I like it because I’ve always been interested in the human mind and how it works. It helps me understand … Continue reading Psychology

First Day of DECATS

Today,  Journalism students interviewed other DECATS students about their first day. Cole, one the Journalism major students interviewed Holland from the Culinary Arts major. This is Holland’s third year at DECATS. He previously attended Junior DECATS. Holland shared the scoop on what they were cooking in the kitchen. His team was cooking chicken tacos, which is why it smelled so amazing. Holland said they were working on cooking chicken, tortillas, pico do gallo, queso fresco and many other wonderful foods. Holland said, ” Today was a blast for me and my Culinary Arts team.” Written by: Cole Boyd, Reporter Continue reading First Day of DECATS

Rock Opera rocks DECATS with talent

Rock Opera is a major where creative people do different roles in movies including director, editor, actor and music artists. This year the students in Rock Opera will make three short films: one about kindergarten gangsters, another about a basketball game and lastly one about a murder mystery. Mr. McGhee, a teacher in Rock Opera, said that he started Rock Opera because it was enjoyable for students by giving them the opportunity to do try many interests instead of a specific topic.  His favorite thing about Rock Opera this year is the 1940s Sinatra murder song. Chuck S., also known … Continue reading Rock Opera rocks DECATS with talent