First Day of DECATS

Today,  Journalism students interviewed other DECATS students about their first day. Cole, one the Journalism major students interviewed Holland from the Culinary Arts major. This is Holland’s third year at DECATS. He previously attended Junior DECATS. Holland shared the scoop on what they were cooking in the kitchen. His team was cooking chicken tacos, which is why it smelled so amazing. Holland said they were working on cooking chicken, tortillas, pico do gallo, queso fresco and many other wonderful foods. Holland said, ” Today was a blast for me and my Culinary Arts team.” Written by: Cole Boyd, Reporter Continue reading First Day of DECATS

Culinary Arts

On Wednesday, Culinary Arts made beignets for the Major Mock Trial’s trial.  Culinary Arts students said “We enjoyed the preparation of food but not the final result.”  The Culinary students made the beignets in their morning and afternoon majors. One student said that “Culinary was a fun and enjoyable major where students learned how to create new and exciting foods.” The turnout of Culinary Arts at the Mock Trial performance overall ended very well. -Travis Whisler, Student Writer Continue reading Culinary Arts