Drama and Fashion Design Working Together

The Drama and Fashion Design major students visited Goodwill. These two majors are working together to create costumes for the upcoming Drama production. The Drama major students are in charge of the acting, while the Fashion Design students are designing the costumes. Each pair (One Drama student and one Fashion Design student) had a budget of $7 to spend on items they will use for their costumes. They created a design of what their costumes should look like before the field trip. Each student enjoyed shopping and watching each other as they were trying on unusual dresses, skirts, and other … Continue reading Drama and Fashion Design Working Together

Drama Field Trip

On Monday (6-16-14), the Drama Major went on a field trip to the Goodwill Store in search of costumes for their play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which they all play bugs. Before they left, a bucket of costume scraps was laid out and the students could take whatever they needed. The wings in the costume pile were quickly snatched up. At the store, each student had a limit of five dollars provided by DECATS, but most people brought more money in case they needed it. The costumes were hard to find because the students have to transform from human … Continue reading Drama Field Trip