Majors produce variety of end products to showcase their 3 weeks of work

Walking down the hallway, you may see posters, groups and performances. You may know some faces, but many are new to you. You might even talk to them a little later that day. You then find your major and get to know the students in the class.

The major that you are in is not the only major you think of though. You also know the happenings of your best friend’s class or a class you wanted to join from the get-go. You may see different majors running around working on their projects and were curious on what exactly they were working on. Many of the projects created in majors will be on display throughout the school on Thursday, June 25.


Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts creates new dishes daily. They learn to measure, to season and many other skills.  A student, Holland, said, “This class is very fun.” The students try to make the dish tasteful and aesthetically pleasing. They are working towards catering food to the parents and students of Mock Trial.


Mock Trial

The Mock Trial students, who are separated into two teams, who spend their time preparing for their Mock Trial on Wednesday, June 24. “We are preparing the case with practicing prosecution and defending our client,” said Ketan, a Mock Trial student.


Psychology ran experiments and went around asking for interviews. One group asked students to eat weird grey mush that was surprisingly sugary. They also have taken other people off campus to participate in reaction experiments. They went to the mall to people watch.



Science built an amusement park model where the teachers wanted the students to understand the physics behind the parks that they built. The students created a water slide, a rollercoaster, a vertical ride and a Ferris wheel.

Rock Opera

Rock Opera created three short films. The films were completely original from the story line to the music. Each student engaged in the development of the film for the film festival presented Thursday, June 25. The films the students created were about a basketball game, a murder mystery and a gangster in kindergarten.



Drama is working on an adaptation of “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. It is about two men who wait an eternity for a man named Godot to arrive. The students are also playing theater games to prepare for the play.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts requires work with different mediums. They are working on a class project of building Noah’s Ark.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is a brand new major to DECATS. They will be having a fashion show on Wednesday, June 24. The fabric that they are using is from their recent field trip to JoAnn’s fabric store. They will be wearing the clothing that they have created. The Paul Mitchell School will do the girls hair, nails and makeup for free.


Journalism focused on delivering news to students and the DECATS community over the three weeks. They published stories on their online newspaper on WordPress consistently throughout the weeks while at the same time working on the writing, creating and editing of their print newspaper. This year, the students started the inaugural edition of the DECATS Digest newspaper. The students also maintained the social media for the program such as Instagram.

Written By: Cross, Reporter

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