Visual Arts inspire future artists to explore their personal style


These first two weeks of DECATS, Visual Arts students have been busy sketching, painting, sculpting and perfecting their pieces. These will then be featured in in the DECATS Open House Art Show. The show will be at All Saints Catholic School on Thursday, June 25, from 4 to 8 p.m. But, before then they plan on taking part in many other fun activities.

As part of exploring the many possibilities through art, Visual Art is embarking on a field trip to different art museums, galleries, and parks. These include the Dallas Contemporary Museum, the Latin Cultural Arts Center and the Kirk Hopper Gallery, just to name a few. Mr. McKenzie, the Visual Arts teacher at DECATS, said, “We’re just exposing the kids to different medias and artists. It’s a lot of fun.”

Many of the students are inspired by different things and have their own style when it comes to art. Most of the scholars claimed that what they created was impulsive and spontaneous, purely abstract, in other words. But some of the pieces were based on other things. For example, quite a few artworks were said to be of the artists’ favorite TV shows, such as “Over the Garden Wall,” “Attack on Titan,” “Castle” and “Star Trek.” The remainder of pieces were influenced by things like nature, music and Bible stories. This results in many different but equally beautiful artworks.

This year in Visual Arts the theme is Noah’s Ark, based on the well-known Bible story. In the story Noah saves God’s creatures from a great flood by protecting them in a giant ark. To celebrate the theme, the class is making clay animals to accompany their 6.5 foot cardboard ark. The diorama shows ceramic creatures marching in pairs to take shelter in the ark. Along with their model, Visual Arts’s participants are creating a textured painting of Noah’s Ark. Both masterpieces will be on display at the Art Show, not to mention the possibility that they may be included in an auction or raffle.

Written by: Sophia B., Reporter

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