To most, the first day of DECATS seems uneventful- with classes just getting into gear, and scholars becoming acquainted with each other. I grabbed the opportunity to interview Lauren from her morning major, Psychology. She attends All Saints Catholic School. She is thrilled that Senior DECATS is being hosted by her school this year. “It makes everything convenient,” Lauren says, “I know where everything is and I don’t get lost.” When asked why she chose to take Psychology, Lauren answered, “Well, I like it because I’ve always been interested in the human mind and how it works. It helps me understand the people around me, and even myself. We even randomly talked about secret psychology [the Illuminati].” Lauren added, giggling. “At first I didn’t get how that had anything to do with psychology, but then I kind of thought that maybe, if they do exist, they might be using society to stay almost under the radar. I think they know society is concerned with sillier, pointless things, like what celebrities do.” Lauren told me that the Psychology class was watching an educational video as we spoke. So as it turns out, the first day isn’t so uneventful after all. Some just may think it that way.

Written by: Alexandra Gajak, Reporter


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