GA’s and TA’s Summer Fun

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a GA or a TA? These people dedicate three weeks of their summer to getting up early and helping others. Most high school students would want to sleep in and vegetate on their couches in front of the TV for the rest of the day. But GAs and TAs decide to do something else with their summer. DECATS is blessed with these high school students that choose to earn service hours (TAs earn money) and help out at DECATS instead. DECATS GAs and TAs help out at DECATS for a wide … Continue reading GA’s and TA’s Summer Fun

2016 Olympics: Is Rio Ready?

With the Olympics coming up, Brazil is scrambling to prepare. Riddled with political problems, a broken economy, and dozens of other issues, people around the world are questioning if Brazil is up to the challenge.Even the Official Olympic Executive Board (EB) is getting worried, and held an exhausting two-day meeting to debate the matter. In the end, they decided to keep the Olympics in Brazil, after all levels of the government have assured their full support to the games. Though the Olympics may be a well-known event, there are a few inconspicuous sports. While the Olympics features every-day sports like … Continue reading 2016 Olympics: Is Rio Ready?

Summer International Travel

Summer is an ideal time for travel, and one of the main options of transportation is flight. In fact, almost half of the world’s population has flown in an airplane. However, many have been concerned about the safety of opting for a plane. EgyptAir Flight 804 was heading from Paris, France, to Cairo, Egypt, in May 2016. It had just left Greek airspace, when entering Egyptian airspace, Greek officials say the jet swerved and plummeted into the Mediterranean Sea. The EgyptAir Flight 804 is thought to have fallen in between the Greek island of Crete and the coastal city of Alexandria, Egypt. … Continue reading Summer International Travel

Why do scholars return to DECATS?

When you walk down the halls of DECATS, you wonder, what is so special about this summer program? Is it the scholars, classes or creativity? Why do the scholars keep on coming back each year? According to some of the scholars and teachers, it is the kind, welcoming atmosphere that makes the students feel at home, while others say it is a place where they can freely express themselves. DECATS is a place where students can be exposed to different experiences that might help decide what they want to do when they grow up. Due to these different experiences, DECATS … Continue reading Why do scholars return to DECATS?

The Double Theme

After four days of thinking, hard work, and mind wrenching decisions, Senior DECATS 2016 brought a theme to life, Nothing Trumps DECATS. A shock to some, but to many the theme made sense.Interpretations varied from jokes, to politics, to very thoughtful and creative ideas, but the overall idea was that DECATS is unstoppable. Henry Limber states, “Nothing can stop DECATS,” as well as Mrs. Shotland, director of DECATS commented, “DECATS is the best program to be in.” These two clearly state how great our program is and that it is unstoppable, but there were other interpretations that really stood out. … Continue reading The Double Theme

DECATS Remembers Jordan Cook

Over the next few weeks, DECATS teachers and students will remember Miss Jordan Cook as a friend and scholar. Jordan was born on January 31, 1993. She began her education at Good Shepherd Catholic School in Garland, where she was an amazing student, and she also enjoyed participating in sports and singing in the choir, as well as attending DECATS. Jordan attended Bishop Lynch High School where she had many friends whom she was very close with and was well-liked by everyone.The Student Communications Director at Bishop Lynch stated, “Jordan was the epitome of what you think a Bishop Lynch student should … Continue reading DECATS Remembers Jordan Cook

Drama and Fashion Design Working Together

The Drama and Fashion Design major students visited Goodwill. These two majors are working together to create costumes for the upcoming Drama production. The Drama major students are in charge of the acting, while the Fashion Design students are designing the costumes. Each pair (One Drama student and one Fashion Design student) had a budget of $7 to spend on items they will use for their costumes. They created a design of what their costumes should look like before the field trip. Each student enjoyed shopping and watching each other as they were trying on unusual dresses, skirts, and other … Continue reading Drama and Fashion Design Working Together


To most, the first day of DECATS seems uneventful- with classes just getting into gear, and scholars becoming acquainted with each other. I grabbed the opportunity to interview Lauren from her morning major, Psychology. She attends All Saints Catholic School. She is thrilled that Senior DECATS is being hosted by her school this year. “It makes everything convenient,” Lauren says, “I know where everything is and I don’t get lost.” When asked why she chose to take Psychology, Lauren answered, “Well, I like it because I’ve always been interested in the human mind and how it works. It helps me understand … Continue reading Psychology

First Day of DECATS

Today,  Journalism students interviewed other DECATS students about their first day. Cole, one the Journalism major students interviewed Holland from the Culinary Arts major. This is Holland’s third year at DECATS. He previously attended Junior DECATS. Holland shared the scoop on what they were cooking in the kitchen. His team was cooking chicken tacos, which is why it smelled so amazing. Holland said they were working on cooking chicken, tortillas, pico do gallo, queso fresco and many other wonderful foods. Holland said, ” Today was a blast for me and my Culinary Arts team.” Written by: Cole Boyd, Reporter Continue reading First Day of DECATS