Rock Opera rocks DECATS with talent

Rock Opera is a major where creative people do different roles in movies including director, editor, actor and music artists. This year the students in Rock Opera will make three short films: one about kindergarten gangsters, another about a basketball game and lastly one about a murder mystery.

Mr. McGhee, a teacher in Rock Opera, said that he started Rock Opera because it was enjoyable for students by giving them the opportunity to do try many interests instead of a specific topic.  His favorite thing about Rock Opera this year is the 1940s Sinatra murder song.

Chuck S., also known as Assault Rifle and a GA, said, “I like Rock Opera because it brings out your creative side and it lets your express yourself.” Duncan Daly, also known as Questlove and a student, said, “I love everything about Rock Opera.”

Mr. McGhee said that he sees a strong future for Rock Opera because it attracts open-minded individuals. He also said that in the future he might change the name of Rock Opera because it takes all talents, not just musical talents. For example, Ruthy, from Psychology, said, “I think that Rock Opera sings rock in opera form.” And Ben from Mock Trial said, “I think that Rock Opera makes music videos and has fun.”

Mr. McGhee is inspired every year to come back because he loves the creativity and quirkiness he sees here at Sr. DECATS. He said, “DECATS and Rock Opera are both homes belonging to students because it gives them a safe place to be themselves and challenges all students to be flexible.” It gets shown in this class because the students think of the story by themselves, so it is an open-minded performance. Mr. McGhee said that if money was no object, he would want to add specialized filming equipment and sets.

Written by: Joshua R., Reporter

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