How well do you know the Drama teachers?

The Drama teachers: Liz Lark-Riley, Joseph Lark-Riley and Nicholas Mayfield, have interesting backgrounds.

Joseph grew up in Rockledge, Florida, and attended a Catholic school where he got good grades and was the teachers’ pet. Around the time he was nine, Joseph wanted to be an actor. Joseph was exposed to Drama when he saw a production for “Jack and the Beanstalk.” After that, he knew he wanted to act. In high school, Joseph looked to combine his interest in Visual Arts with Drama. He continue to add the two arts together to make beautiful work.

Liz has been teaching at DECATS for five years. Joseph for four and Nicholas for two years. For their years here, they have all taught Drama. Joseph said, “She is perfect at all of the things that I’m not so perfect at. She’s a great director and I’m also excited to see how our collaborations turn out. And having my little boy River around always makes me smile.” This year the major is presenting a version of “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. It is about two men who wait forever for a man named Godot to arrive.

Nicholas also attended DECATS as a student. Nicholas was in the Drama major where he became very interested in acting. Nicholas’s first act was in high school when he signed up. Recently, Nicholas journeyed to Italy and went to explore around the country. He went to Venice and Milan. He went around Milan by himself and took a few tours in Venice. He also went to a few shows. He even did some acting himself.

Liz grew up here in Dallas and attended DECATS as a student. When not at DECATS, Liz and Joseph work for a theater company, miR Theater, in Rockledge, Florida. They currently live in Dallas, but they have lived in Chicago, New York and New Orleans.

Written by: Justus B., Reporter

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