Scholars create custom fashions

A new major was welcomed into DECATS, Fashion Design. Some people think that Fashion Design is just some kind of art, but in reality, it is sewing and fashion. Fashion Design students learned how to sew and create clothes for their outfits. They also learned how to measure different parts of the body to make the clothes fit correctly and comfortably.

In Fashion Design, they took field trips to the Fabrique store, the Dallas Art Institute and JoAnn’s fabric store. While visiting JoAnn’s, the Fashion Design students looked and picked fabric to create their outfit for the fashion show. At the Dallas Art Institute, they looked at fabric and different dresses. They also got to see all the different sculptures that looked weird but also interesting.

Mrs. Richardson is the new teacher of the major. The reason she chose to teach Fashion Design was because she started sewing in seventh grade and continued all the way through high school. Her aunt and uncle own a fashion store, and they make clothes. Mrs. Richardson’s favorite thing so far was the trip to the Dallas Art Institute.

The Fashion Design major also prepped for the fashion show. The fashion show was on June 24. On the day of the show, the students did their nails and also had their hair done. They worked on sewing and making their own clothes.

Written by: Caroline P., Reporter

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