The Double Theme

After four days of thinking, hard work, and mind wrenching decisions, Senior DECATS 2016 brought a theme to life, Nothing Trumps DECATS. A shock to some, but to many the theme made sense.Interpretations varied from jokes, to politics, to very thoughtful and creative ideas, but the overall idea was that DECATS is unstoppable. Henry Limber states, “Nothing can stop DECATS,” as well as Mrs. Shotland, director of DECATS commented, “DECATS is the best program to be in.” These two clearly state how great our program is and that it is unstoppable, but there were other interpretations that really stood out. … Continue reading The Double Theme

DECATS Remembers Jordan Cook

Over the next few weeks, DECATS teachers and students will remember Miss Jordan Cook as a friend and scholar. Jordan was born on January 31, 1993. She began her education at Good Shepherd Catholic School in Garland, where she was an amazing student, and she also enjoyed participating in sports and singing in the choir, as well as attending DECATS. Jordan attended Bishop Lynch High School where she had many friends whom she was very close with and was well-liked by everyone.The Student Communications Director at Bishop Lynch stated, “Jordan was the epitome of what you think a Bishop Lynch student should … Continue reading DECATS Remembers Jordan Cook

Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

The dodgeball tournament started as an elective 12 years ago. The teachers wanted a competition against the students, so they decided to make dodgeball a tournament. The teachers started winning all the games, so they decided to give us a chance. They decided to make a “plan.” The plan started three years ago. Those past three years, we, the students, won. The teachers said that these wins were all part of the plan. This is the fourth year of the plan, so next year is going to be the year they use the plan to “try” to beat us. The … Continue reading Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

Student reflects on rap elective

Rap was a super cool elective. Students got to the rap battles and write their own raps. The best rapper in the class this past week was Lil’ Nicki. She destroyed Joe Shotland, and everybody else she faced. P Diddy came in runner-up. He destroyed everybody he faced. Even though students had homework, rap was really fun. To be good in rap, you had to find the beat of the song. Joe and Hank were pretty good. Lil’ Nicki and P Diddy spit fire when they rapped. It was awesome! Written by: Juan E. Continue reading Student reflects on rap elective

How do Senior and Junior DECATS compare?

Many students have gone to Jr. DECATS in the past and have seen some differences in many things. The schedule is very different. In Jr. DECATS students go to four classes and three breaks, but in Sr. DECATS they go to their major in the morning and have three electives after lunch. Both have a variety of classes and perspectives, but in Sr. DECATS it doesn’t need to be a class. Both Sr. DECATS and Jr. DECATS are very similar, but there are still many differences that I haven’t listed. Written by: Angel, Reporter Continue reading How do Senior and Junior DECATS compare?