Electives offer unique opportunities to learn new skills

At DECATS, students are able to choose their electives. There is a wide variety of electives to choose from. This year, some of the electives include new choices like Tynkering with Programming and Fun with Frosting. Many electives stay the same from year to year like Improv Comedy and SNLU. Mr. Hudson, the Tynkering with Programming teacher, has been involved in programming for a while. There were 18 students each week. They initially had some issues with the Internet and the website that they were going to use did not work. Mr. Hudson figured out another way to teach the … Continue reading Electives offer unique opportunities to learn new skills

Rock Opera rocks DECATS with talent

Rock Opera is a major where creative people do different roles in movies including director, editor, actor and music artists. This year the students in Rock Opera will make three short films: one about kindergarten gangsters, another about a basketball game and lastly one about a murder mystery. Mr. McGhee, a teacher in Rock Opera, said that he started Rock Opera because it was enjoyable for students by giving them the opportunity to do try many interests instead of a specific topic.  His favorite thing about Rock Opera this year is the 1940s Sinatra murder song. Chuck S., also known … Continue reading Rock Opera rocks DECATS with talent

Once upon a June at DECATS, the students were excited and full of joy to come

Every year for the first three weeks of summer, the top five percent of students from the Dallas Diocesan schools come together at All Saints to participate in DECATS. The program is committed to service and fostering excellence among youth. A normal day starts with dressing for the theme of the day. It takes an immense amount of thought to get it just right on some of the more challenging days. Next, you come (by bus or car) and join fellow students in the gym for the community meeting. Students talk to friends, hear awards and talk about upcoming events. … Continue reading Once upon a June at DECATS, the students were excited and full of joy to come

Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

The dodgeball tournament started as an elective 12 years ago. The teachers wanted a competition against the students, so they decided to make dodgeball a tournament. The teachers started winning all the games, so they decided to give us a chance. They decided to make a “plan.” The plan started three years ago. Those past three years, we, the students, won. The teachers said that these wins were all part of the plan. This is the fourth year of the plan, so next year is going to be the year they use the plan to “try” to beat us. The … Continue reading Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

DeBusk allows DECATS to strive

DECATS was founded by Manuel DeBusk. The DeBusk Foundation’s mission is to offer enhancement for gifted scholars in elementary schools. They also want children to know how gifted they are. The DeBusk Foundation wants DECATS to teach the students how remarkable it is to be gifted, but there are still some complications, accountabilities and benefits. The DeBusk Foundation is dedicated to the education of extraordinary children. They also help fund DECATS. DECATS stands for DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars. They offer a chance for exceptional students to join a three-week summer camp which teaches those who want to … Continue reading DeBusk allows DECATS to strive