GA’s and TA’s Summer Fun

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a GA or a TA? These people dedicate three weeks of their summer to getting up early and helping others. Most high school students would want to sleep in and vegetate on their couches in front of the TV for the rest of the day. But GAs and TAs decide to do something else with their summer. DECATS is blessed with these high school students that choose to earn service hours (TAs earn money) and help out at DECATS instead. DECATS GAs and TAs help out at DECATS for a wide … Continue reading GA’s and TA’s Summer Fun

Mock Trial visits SMU Law School

Mock Trial went to SMU for a tour of the Law School on Wednesday, June 10. They learned information about the Dedman School of Law. Two women taught information about the school. Their names were Ms. Jill Nikirk, Assistant Dean for Admissions, and Ms. Becca Henley, Director of Admissions. Ms. Jill taught the process to get into the Law School and other schools. Ms. Becca taught how to choose which law school to go to. Students also learned the two types of lawyers, how long law school is and how they teach in law school. The tour guide was Mr. Michael, and old … Continue reading Mock Trial visits SMU Law School