Electives offer unique opportunities to learn new skills

At DECATS, students are able to choose their electives. There is a wide variety of electives to choose from. This year, some of the electives include new choices like Tynkering with Programming and Fun with Frosting. Many electives stay the same from year to year like Improv Comedy and SNLU. Mr. Hudson, the Tynkering with Programming teacher, has been involved in programming for a while. There were 18 students each week. They initially had some issues with the Internet and the website that they were going to use did not work. Mr. Hudson figured out another way to teach the … Continue reading Electives offer unique opportunities to learn new skills

Student reflects on rap elective

Rap was a super cool elective. Students got to the rap battles and write their own raps. The best rapper in the class this past week was Lil’ Nicki. She destroyed Joe Shotland, and everybody else she faced. P Diddy came in runner-up. He destroyed everybody he faced. Even though students had homework, rap was really fun. To be good in rap, you had to find the beat of the song. Joe and Hank were pretty good. Lil’ Nicki and P Diddy spit fire when they rapped. It was awesome! Written by: Juan E. Continue reading Student reflects on rap elective

SNLU elective gets serious with a game of Mafia

Electives are a fun time for all DECATS students: you get to spend time with friends, play games and explore what the world can offer. Some of the most fun, however, can come from not knowing what to do. After our work was finished, part of the SNLU elective broke into a very serious game of Mafia. The goal of the game is to weed out the guilty “Mafia” before they can “kill off” all of the innocent players. After a few rounds, the players were so into trying to prove themselves innocent that they were turning on one another in the blink of … Continue reading SNLU elective gets serious with a game of Mafia