Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

The dodgeball tournament started as an elective 12 years ago. The teachers wanted a competition against the students, so they decided to make dodgeball a tournament. The teachers started winning all the games, so they decided to give us a chance. They decided to make a “plan.” The plan started three years ago. Those past three years, we, the students, won. The teachers said that these wins were all part of the plan. This is the fourth year of the plan, so next year is going to be the year they use the plan to “try” to beat us. The … Continue reading Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

DeBusk allows DECATS to strive

DECATS was founded by Manuel DeBusk. The DeBusk Foundation’s mission is to offer enhancement for gifted scholars in elementary schools. They also want children to know how gifted they are. The DeBusk Foundation wants DECATS to teach the students how remarkable it is to be gifted, but there are still some complications, accountabilities and benefits. The DeBusk Foundation is dedicated to the education of extraordinary children. They also help fund DECATS. DECATS stands for DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars. They offer a chance for exceptional students to join a three-week summer camp which teaches those who want to … Continue reading DeBusk allows DECATS to strive

Student reflects on rap elective

Rap was a super cool elective. Students got to the rap battles and write their own raps. The best rapper in the class this past week was Lil’ Nicki. She destroyed Joe Shotland, and everybody else she faced. P Diddy came in runner-up. He destroyed everybody he faced. Even though students had homework, rap was really fun. To be good in rap, you had to find the beat of the song. Joe and Hank were pretty good. Lil’ Nicki and P Diddy spit fire when they rapped. It was awesome! Written by: Juan E. Continue reading Student reflects on rap elective

Psychology heads to Klyde Warren Park

From conducting crazy experiments to testing people’s reactions, Psychology is never a bore! Thursday, June 18, Psychology took an exciting field trip downtown to Klyde Warren Park. Spilling out of the bus, students immediately headed towards a tall pavilion full of blue building blocks. There, the kids constructed human-size buildings and even played dominos with large blocks. Many students also worked on fun experiments such as giving a person two cups of the same ice cream and asking which flavor they liked the best. The class concluded that only a few people actually figured out that the ice cream flavors … Continue reading Psychology heads to Klyde Warren Park

Mock Trial visits SMU Law School

Mock Trial went to SMU for a tour of the Law School on Wednesday, June 10. They learned information about the Dedman School of Law. Two women taught information about the school. Their names were Ms. Jill Nikirk, Assistant Dean for Admissions, and Ms. Becca Henley, Director of Admissions. Ms. Jill taught the process to get into the Law School and other schools. Ms. Becca taught how to choose which law school to go to. Students also learned the two types of lawyers, how long law school is and how they teach in law school. The tour guide was Mr. Michael, and old … Continue reading Mock Trial visits SMU Law School

How do Senior and Junior DECATS compare?

Many students have gone to Jr. DECATS in the past and have seen some differences in many things. The schedule is very different. In Jr. DECATS students go to four classes and three breaks, but in Sr. DECATS they go to their major in the morning and have three electives after lunch. Both have a variety of classes and perspectives, but in Sr. DECATS it doesn’t need to be a class. Both Sr. DECATS and Jr. DECATS are very similar, but there are still many differences that I haven’t listed. Written by: Angel, Reporter Continue reading How do Senior and Junior DECATS compare?