GA’s and TA’s Summer Fun

IMG_7731Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a GA or a TA? These people dedicate three weeks of their summer to getting up early and helping others. Most high school students would want to sleep in and vegetate on their couches in front of the TV for the rest of the day. But GAs and TAs decide to do something else with their summer. DECATS is blessed with these high school students that choose to earn service hours (TAs earn money) and help out at DECATS instead. DECATS GAs and TAs help out at DECATS for a wide range of reasons from earning service hours to just wanting to help out.

Audrey, a Fashion Design GA explained, “I really needed service hours for high school. I enjoy being able to introduce kids to other people who are similar to them. I like being here in the DECATS community. When I was a student I participated in Journalism, Rock Opera, and Business, which is a major which is not offered at DECATS anymore. She has been a GA for two years. However, Elena participated in Drama as a DECATS student and loved it so much that she returned as a GA to continue to make the Drama major enjoyable for other students.

Imani, a Rock opera GA participated in Psychology, Rock Opera and Journalism as a DECATS student. Her funniest memory is being with the SNLU group she was in charge of from the first week of   DECATS this year, who named their project Harry Potter and the Buttersock. On the other hand, Sebastian from Culinary Arts participated in Culinary Arts, Psychology, and Mock Trial when he was a student. Sebastian’s favorite major is Culinary Arts. Sebastian shared, “My favorite memory is watching kids cook and when they make mistakes.”

Mary, a Journalism GA, participated in Visual Arts, Mock Trial and Science when she was in DECATS. Riley, a Visual Arts GA wants to give back by helping at DECATS. Mary and Riley could not decide which major was their favorite. “They are all fun!” Riley exclaimed. Nevertheless, Brad from Rock Opera has been a GA for two years. His favorite memories are hanging out with Mr. Rocca. Although,  Amelia, who has been a GA for four years, shared her favorite memory when a boy told her that she was the first girl he met who liked swords. Amelia is a GA for both Science and Visual Arts.

These GAs and TAs enjoyed DECATS as a student and loved it so much that they do not want to leave. They enjoyed spending time with DECATS’s bright students and phenomenal teachers. These GAs and TAs are one of the reasons why DECATS is so fun, and their contributions make DECATS so successful.

Written by: JoEllen West, Reporter


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