The Double Theme

After four days of thinking, hard work, and mind wrenching decisions, Senior DECATS 2016 brought a theme to life, Nothing Trumps DECATS. A shock to some, but to many the theme made sense.Interpretations varied from jokes, to politics, to very thoughtful and creative ideas, but the overall idea was that DECATS is unstoppable.

Henry Limber states, “Nothing can stop DECATS,” as well as Mrs. Shotland, director of DECATS commented, “DECATS is the best program to be in.” These two clearly state how great our program is and that it is unstoppable, but there were other interpretations that really stood out. Mr. Solomon, assistant director and one of the Science major teacher’s interpretation, “People want the best in DECATS and everywhere in the world.” This idea is more relevant to our world today. With all the horrible acts and things people are going through, this idea was perfect. Also, some mentioned DECATS is the best and just like in a card game nothing can TRUMP or outrank DECATS. These themes showed the creativity of the people attending the unstoppable DECATS.

Alexandra, a Journalism major student said, “It means a lot of people like Trump.” Lydia, another student commented, “It means that nothing as crazy as Trump can bring us down.” These interpretations of the theme lead to the political play on words element of the theme. Alexandra’s understanding, with the 2016 race for the White House in action, is showing off political points of view. Also, Lydia’s understanding is more of a funny interpretation of a political view, links back to the overall opinion that DECATS is unstoppable.

This year, however, we had two themes, our funny theme and our “real” theme. Many causes in DECATS and in the world led us to this double theme idea.

The Love Wins theme is based on Tuesday with Morrie by Mitch Albom

The big canvas is filled with all of the leftover paint that students don’t need after they complete a project. Mr. McKenzie turns the painting into something beautiful. Overall, this year’s double-theme was perfect in DECATS and in the world. This year’s theme expresses the strength of our program, from our amazing teachers, graduate assistants, teacher assistants, and the smart and creative minds of our students, DECATS cannot be Trumped.

Written by: Cole Boyd, Reporter




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