Why do scholars return to DECATS?


When you walk down the halls of DECATS, you wonder, what is so special about this summer program? Is it the scholars, classes or creativity? Why do the scholars keep on coming back each year? According to some of the scholars and teachers, it is the kind, welcoming atmosphere that makes the students feel at home, while others say it is a place where they can freely express themselves.

DECATS is a place where students can be exposed to different experiences that might help decide what they want to do when they grow up. Due to these different experiences, DECATS helps scholars retain this new information easily. One of the major differences between regular school and DECATS is that at DECATS the teachers facilitate the lessons and the students are able to use their ideas and creativity to complete the lessons.

Not only do the scholars learn at DECATS, but so do the teachers. DECATS is a place where everyone can acquire knowledge from each other. DECATS scholars are exceptional and unique. This is a wonderful place where people can express their creativity.

At DECATS, you meet new people every day and make new friends. DECATS is a place where no one gets picked on for their originality, or how they express themselves. It is an accepting place where everyone can have fun, meet new friends and learn. DECATS provides a place that is full of creativity from the teachers and scholars.

Written by: Caroline Syler, Reporter


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