2016 Olympics: Is Rio Ready?

rioWith the Olympics coming up, Brazil is scrambling to prepare. Riddled with political problems, a broken economy, and dozens of other issues, people around the world are questioning if Brazil is up to the challenge.Even the Official Olympic Executive Board (EB) is getting worried, and held an exhausting two-day meeting to debate the matter. In the end, they decided to keep the Olympics in Brazil, after all levels of the government have assured their full support to the games.

Though the Olympics may be a well-known event, there are a few inconspicuous sports. While the Olympics features every-day sports like Soccer, Football, Golf, Swimming, Basketball and Volleyball, it also introduces less known sports such as Luge, Nordic Combined, Fencing, Rowing and Table Tennis.

Many people are also worried about the medical controversy going on. With so many cases of the Zika virus and such a small amount of hospitals, many people have given up on going to Brazil.

With no significant cure for the deadly virus, several have suffered, and even died. Medical prices have rocketed, and with the poverty striking thousands in the country, several have endured the effects of this illness.

Most would think that there isn’t a difference between the Summer and Winter Olympics. Well, they are not anything alike. The Summer games were first held in Athens, Greece, in 1896, while the first Winter games were in Chamonix, France, in 1924. The Summer Olympics happen on leap years, and the Winter Olympics happen two years after the leap years.

The main difference between the two are the Summer Olympics are much more popular, including two-hundred four countries, while the Winter Olympics, a much smaller ceremony, only includes about eighty-eight countries.

The problems in Brazil are steadily decreasing its chances of success. Brazil has a lot to cope with, and we can only hope that it gets its act together before disaster strikes. Don’t miss out on the Summer Olympics of 2016 which begin on August 5!

Written by: Lucy Simon, Reporter


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