Electives offer unique opportunities to learn new skills

At DECATS, students are able to choose their electives. There is a wide variety of electives to choose from. This year, some of the electives include new choices like Tynkering with Programming and Fun with Frosting. Many electives stay the same from year to year like Improv Comedy and SNLU.

Mr. Hudson, the Tynkering with Programming teacher, has been involved in programming for a while. There were 18 students each week. They initially had some issues with the Internet and the website that they were going to use did not work. Mr. Hudson figured out another way to teach the students programming.

Mr. and Mrs. McGhee, teachers of SNLU, have been teaching SNLU for years. The McGhee’s did a similar Saturday Night Live in the Rock Opera major. The students really enjoyed it, so the McGhee’s decided to make it an elective to allow more students to participate. There are 20 students in SNLU this year. This elective has been in existence for four to five years.  Joshua R., a student that was in the SNLU elective, said, “SNLU is really funny. I wanted to do something funny.” Cross, another student, said, “I enjoyed SNLU. It was of Nonsense!”

Ms. Bacca was the Improv Comedy teacher. She took Improv Comedy when she was a student at DECATS. There are 22-28 students in the class. The elective has been around for 10 or more years. One of Ms. Bacca’s student’s, Hanna H., was in Origami, Ping Pong and Improv Comedy. She said, “They just sounded like a fun.”

Written By: Edgar T., Reporter

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