Student reflects on transition from Junior to Senior DECATS

Sr. DECATS is a summer program for highly academic and gifted students. Most of these students come from Jr. DECATS, another program for younger students from 3rd—6th grade. Although these programs sound familiar, they have many differences.

Senior DECATS, now at All Saints, is for 7th to 9th graders with academic achievements. The day starts with a community meeting that includes morning announcements and prayer. The meeting is followed by a major, which is the main choice of study and then lunch. After lunch, students go to three electives that change every week. It has a variety of majors and electives for different types of people. Each major has a number of different field trips they take throughout the three weeks. The elective classes are shorter than Jr. DECATS classes and are more varied. Tray, one of the students attending DECATS, said, “I feel grown up [at Sr DECATS].” Joe Shotland, a Psychology teacher, said he feels freedom with all the electives in Sr. DECATS.

Jr. DECATS, recently at MIS, allowed many of the students to go to Sr. DECATS. A day at Jr. DECATS would start with prayer and morning announcements followed by perspectives, a class for students on their first year, then three other classes. Students Silas, Austin and Rachel all said they liked the egg drop in perspectives class. The egg drop was an activity that students would do in their first year. They would build a capsule that would withstand a 50 foot drop. Most students said they liked dissecting animals in Jr. DECATS. Samuel, a student who went to Jr. DECATS said, “I feel like a kid there.” Even though they are two different things, they both seem the same in some ways. Both are run by the DeBusk Enrichment Center and consist of four classes. All the students like DECATS and always want to return for another great time at DECATS no matter which one they go to.

Written by: Angel R., Reporter

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