Friendly dodgeball competition leads to rivalry

The dodgeball tournament started as an elective 12 years ago. The teachers wanted a competition against the students, so they decided to make dodgeball a tournament. The teachers started winning all the games, so they decided to give us a chance. They decided to make a “plan.”

The plan started three years ago. Those past three years, we, the students, won. The teachers said that these wins were all part of the plan. This is the fourth year of the plan, so next year is going to be the year they use the plan to “try” to beat us. The plan is going to be unsuccessful because it has not been working.

Joe Shotland, teacher of Psychology, said that their strategy is depending on Hank Shotland, a T.A. of Psychology; Mr. McGhee, teacher of Rock Opera; and Ms. Eaker, a teacher of Science. The rest are role players and stand back trying not to get hit. That could be the plan, but if it is, it does not sound that great.

Each year, the students have proven that they have a better athletic ability. We are more skilled at dodgeball because the teachers play old school, and we play new school. Mr. Solomon said, “It’s our year.” If the teachers are using the plan this year, they will not win because the plan would not be effective until next year.

Written by: Juan E., Reporter

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