Psychology heads to Klyde Warren Park

From conducting crazy experiments to testing people’s reactions, Psychology is never a bore!

Thursday, June 18, Psychology took an exciting field trip downtown to Klyde Warren Park. Spilling out of the bus, students immediately headed towards a tall pavilion full of blue building blocks. There, the kids constructed human-size buildings and even played dominos with large blocks. Many students also worked on fun experiments such as giving a person two cups of the same ice cream and asking which flavor they liked the best. The class concluded that only a few people actually figured out that the ice cream flavors were the same.

Besides experiments, the students also had a blast playing ping pong, miniature golf, foosball and bean bag toss. They even enjoyed having a splash fight in the fountain behind the pavilion. Students not only got to play fun games, but they also got to dine on new foods from the food trucks. Overall, the trip was amazing and many students got to conduct interesting experiments to compare different people’s reactions while also playing fun games.

Written by: Kendall H., Reporter

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