Mock Trial visits SMU Law School

Mock Trial went to SMU for a tour of the Law School on Wednesday, June 10. They learned information about the Dedman School of Law. Two women taught information about the school. Their names were Ms. Jill Nikirk, Assistant Dean for Admissions, and Ms. Becca Henley, Director of Admissions.

Ms. Jill taught the process to get into the Law School and other schools. Ms. Becca taught how to choose which law school to go to. Students also learned the two types of lawyers, how long law school is and how they teach in law school.

The tour guide was Mr. Michael, and old student of SMU. He led the students to visit the Law Quad, Florence Hall, the library, the rare book collection, one class group and the main office.

Drew C., a student, said, “It was interesting, and I learned a lot. My favorite part was the rare books.” Ketan, another student, said, “I really liked the trip and my favorite part was lunch.”

Written by: Joshua R., Reporter

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