SNLU elective gets serious with a game of Mafia

Electives are a fun time for all DECATS students: you get to spend time with friends, play games and explore what the world can offer. Some of the most fun, however, can come from not knowing what to do. After our work was finished, part of the SNLU elective broke into a very serious game of Mafia. The goal of the game is to weed out the guilty “Mafia” before they can “kill off” all of the innocent players. After a few rounds, the players were so into trying to prove themselves innocent that they were turning on one another in the blink of an eye. It was a group practice, involving the instructors and students alike, all joining in to give it their all. By the end, we had all grown closer as a group and, more importantly, as friends. I guess there’s something about laughing over betraying your ally that really brought us together.

Written by: Elena G., Reporter

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