DECATS welcomes new cooking electives

IMG_0105   IMG_0099

This year the DECATS major, Culinary Arts, has extended to a new elective called Flour Sugar Butter Eggs. The class introduces students to the techniques of baking. Not only do the students learn to bake their own treats, they even get to taste-test them. Examples include cookies, pound cake, buttermilk pie, bread and brownies. Day One consisted of the students heading to Central Market and Kroger for supplies. On day two, students were split into six groups and given a packet of recipes. Using these packets, they worked together to create their delicious pastries. They had all afternoon to complete their assignments, and after all their work, the students were allowed to enjoy their confections. On day three, the students completed their unfinished recipes from day two and continued to bake brownies, bread, and pie. This elective taught the students teamwork and baking skills.

Written by: Kendall H., Reagan W., Therese A., Reporters

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