Science Major Visit the Perot Museum

3, 2, 1, blastoff! On June 12, 2014, the Science Major took a field trip to the Perot Museum! The goal was to learn more on the human brain. Each pod traveled around the museum exploring all the exhibits. Every exhibit had something everybody enjoyed. In the Sports Exhibit, students would race different animals and people. The most common raced animals were the cheetah and the dinosaur. In one exhibit, the students would try to move a small ball with their mind! Many students tried the earthquake simulator. During the simulator, you would experience four or five different types of … Continue reading Science Major Visit the Perot Museum

Visual Arts

Bubbles Today, the major Visual Arts was blowing giant bubbles as a part of their Perspectives. In Perspectives they were talking about being light and floating free like a bubble. They were doing this for the fun of it and to watch the students’ creativity unfold and to learn how they can let their creativity unfold. The students enjoyed it and said they were fun and very “bubbly”, “cool and large” and “the best Perspectives ever”! When asked what the bubbles were made of, Mr. Mackenzie said it was a secret formula that nobody can know. -Lauren Arnott and Anna … Continue reading Visual Arts