Business Major Update

The Business Major Week Two
In the second week of DECATS, the business major participated in the lemonade war. The scholars divided into four teams and created a business plan that would raise them the most money. The only problem the teams faced were the three other teams, who were serving virtually the same product, lemonade. The winning team, Shots of Happiness, made a $21.09 profit from the sale. By adding soda to their lemonade and selling shots of lemonade for $.25 the group, Shots of Happiness, were able to pull ahead of their competition. “It was an enlightening experience that taught us how real life entrepreneurs must work hard to make a profit” said Brennen Louviene one of the six members of Shots of Happiness.
In preparation for the lemonade war, the business major took a trip to Cici’s pizza. Besides eating pizza the scholars listened to Ashton Lewis, the general manager of that restaurant. She spoke about running a business and being part of a franchise. They listened to Trish Kahlich speak about her journey as an entrepreneurs and as an author. She has self-published a trilogy called The Small Town series and runs her own hair salon. She gave the business major many insightful tips on how to make a profit and run a small business.
Catherine Day, Student Reporter

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